Pollença revive la mítica batalla entre moros y cristianos

The town celebrates one of the most intense patronal summer feasts in Mallorca

  • 2016/07/29

Very few celebrations bring together locals and visitors in Mallorca in such a real atmosphere, creating an intense catharsis among the public every August 2nd.


This simulation of the battle commemorates the victory of the Christians over the corsairs of the fearsom Turgut Reis or Dragut, who attacked the town on the night of May 30th to 31st 1550. It is a must among the local festivities of Mallorca, taking place on Virgin of the Angels Day.


The great party starts at Plaza Mayor at 5am on August 1st to 2nd with the local music band playing the "Alborada" melody, which is played again at the Miquel Capllonch square at 8am, and once more at 9am at Cala Molins square, in Cala Sant Vicenç.

At 11am a mass is celebrated honouring of the Virgin of the Angels with the popular Mallorcan dance ‘La Oferta' together with the ‘cossiers'. The well performed mock battle between Moors and Christians starts at the ‘Almoina' square, where Joan Mas, the leader of the Pollentian Christians fights against Dragut. Joan Mas's shouting imploring the Virgin's protection in the face of the imminent and cruel battle between both sides is the prelude to the historical battle.


After invoking the patroness a war takes place between both combatants and the corsars gradually withdraw along Mayor Street.


After three battles the Christians get the pirate red crescent flag and sing the ‘Tedeum\\\' by Mosén Miquel Tortell in front of the parish church to thank the Virgin for the victory. In this ocasion the figure of Joan Mas will be performed by Pep Cerdà, alias ‘Ramellet\\\', whereas Pep Pons ‘Abullansa\\\', Biel Perelló and Joan Galindo will be Dragut and his loyal corsars.


The mock battle between Moors and Christians is one of the most popular celebrations within the local feasts all around the island, that\\\'s why the town hall of Pollensa together with other local authorities make a real effort to spread a series of recommendations to guarantee the security and avoid any inconvenience to those taking part.


Advice to enjoy the celebrations

In order to avoid any disturbance this year, the celebration will start with a concert at the Plaza Mayor on August 1st at 11pm, with the melody of the traditional, solemn and deeply felt ‘Alborada'.


All those taking part are advised to use recycling glasses that will be sold for
€ 0.50 each, in order to reduce waste. Not to mention, the local authorities remind of the importance of responsible alcohol consumption during those days.


Itinerary and programme: http://www.ajpollenca.net/sites/default/files/documents/programa_web.pdf