Hotel Illa d'Or: Premio a la Excelencia en la salud pública

Those accomodations reaching the highest standands of quality are awarded this prize.

  • 2016/06/29

We understand quality as a must in every sense and in every service including health and hygiene.

Therefore we are specially proud to announce that our accomodation has been chosen by Biolinea Int., together with other 15, as one of the winners of the "Public Health Excellence Award".

Those awards have the purpose to appreciate and award those touristic accomodations reaching the highest stardards of quality regarding food security, water sanitation and evironmental hygiene.

They also want to award those hotels that have contributed to promote healthy habits, especially in the prevention of deseases associated to the touristic activity or those having followed effective innovation strategies in the field of health and work security in tourism.

Being awarded this prize implies being examined with very strict criteria and every single accommodation has been visited on a regular basis by several Biolinea Int. inspectors, showing their excellent level in matters of Public Health in a continuous and consistent way.

This award means a lot to our hotel, to every member of the staff who offers a first level service every day, taking care of their customers and every detail.

We would like to express all our guests our wish to continue improving at our job in order to guarantee a stay at our hotel offering the highest service, confort and above all the best personal attention.

Thank you for your trust in us.