Formentor, entre las mejores playas de España con bandera azul

Skyscanner puts this spectacular spot in the list of international ranking

  • 2016/06/26

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy a real treasure, a spectacular spot called Formentor.

Closeby is located one of the best beaches with blue flag in Spain. So recognizes Skyscanner, having included it among the 20 Spanish beaches with blue flag, valueing the quality of the spot and services.


What makes Formentor so special? For us everything does. Firstly, you can swim in cristal waters hidden behind pine trees and oaks, offering a natural landscape as well as appreciated shades.


Formentor is internationally well-known and associated with tranquility and calm. Many celebrities visit this beach trying to remain anonymous. The Illa D’Or hotel recommends an early morning or sunset visit, the best moments to appreciate its overwhelming beauty.


This beach of almost 900 meters is divided into different areas: rocky areas, a tiny port and sandy areas forming small coves, always with the permanent presence of pine trees with capricious forms. 


Getting to Formentor from Port de Pollença is very easy, enjoying a nice excursion with astonishing views on the way. You take the PM-221 road to Formentor for 10km. Half way you will stop at the Mirador de Es Colomer to enjoy one of the most breathtaking views in Mallorca.

Not far from the beach there are two big park places. Once there just relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.