Refresca tus vacaciones con los cocteles mas glamurosos

The 5 most popular cocktails to enjoy during your summer holidays

  • 2016/05/31

What better way to disconnect than sit in a pleasant terrace by the Mediterranean Sea; the summer breeze blowing slightly; the afternoon sun falling on the horizon and of course with a delicious cocktail in hand, a unique experience that the Illa d'Or Wellness & Spa Hotel makes it possible by recommending the 5 best cocktails to enjoy this summer.

1. Dry Martini

Composed of gin and dry vermouth, this world famous cocktail, is one of the specialties of our hotel. Favourite drink of great historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and of course the most glamourous fictional character James Bond, our barman breaks with the traditional recipe and gives it its personal touch using the exquisite frost London Dry Gin. We recommend enjoying this drink with no hurry, savouring the mixture, at the vermouth time. Our sunny terrace is the ideal place for tasting it enjoying the bay of Pollensa and the sound of the Sea.

2. Mojito

Continuing with the historical cocktails recommendations, could not miss the popular Mojito, native of Cuba. This refreshing drink, ideal for hot summer afternoons, is composed of rum, Lima, mint and of course a lot of crushed ice. In the swimming pool, lying in the hammocks, enjoying a sun bath or sitting on our terrace, this cocktail is perfect to enjoy the holidays.

3. Illa d’Or Special

A house and unique cocktail that you will only be able to taste in our Hotel. Sweet, refreshing and sensual are the three adjectives that describe this mixed drink. Its ingredients: rum, Cointreau, syrup of mango, passion fruit, strawberries and orange juice are an explosion of flavours that will not leave indifferent those who try it. Just a piece of advice: take it after dinner, during the night, when the summer temperatures fall, sitting on the terrace and enjoying quietly the different fruits soaked in rum.


4. Cosmopolitan

Breaking with historical cocktails, our fourth recommendation is the current cosmopolitan or also known as "Cosmo". Of uncertain origin but extremely famous, this drink is considered one of the most glamourous. Composed of vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and cranberry juice, our barman will once more gives his personal and refreshing touch by adding frost vodka. This cocktail is ideal for long and enjoyable nights savouring it in our air conditioned lounge and enjoy the evening.

5. Bloody Mary

To end as we have started, a historical cocktail with worldwide reputation, Bloody Mary. Despite its English name, its origin is French and its main ingredient are Perrin's, Tabasco, salt, pepper, vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice and don’t forget a celery sprig. This cocktail is ideal to re-energize yourself after a long night, in our wonderful swimming pool, the ideal time for an ideal stay.


In addition to our five highlighted recommendations, the Illa d'Or Wellness & Spa Hotel offers a menu with 19 different cocktails, where our barman combines the best spirits from all over the world with the sweetest fruit. So these holidays do not forget to try them in the most picturesque and quiet corners of our hotel! We are waiting for you!